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Nutrition and Energy Medicine Therapies

Integrative Holistic Healthcare

ASYRA Screening


The worlds #1 bio-energetic screening system. In only moments, a consultation using the Asyra Pro can help you understand the root cause of your health challenges and the most effective path to optimal health and vitality. Non-Invasive, Pain-free, Drug-free health Screening & Treatment

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Nutrition - You are what you eat. Nutritional Therapy advice supported by a range of the most pure and effective nutritional supplements and the highest quality herbals, complex homeopathic and complementary products to detoxify and strengthen the immune system.

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SCENAR Pain Relief


The SCENAR fast, effective electrotherapeutic pain treatment stimulates the adaptive processes of the nervous system to kick-start the body's natural self-healing abilities. Non-Invasive and drug-free, highly effective treatment of both acute and chronic types of pain.

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We provide multiple natural therapies to support healing


Holistic, or Integrative health, involves looking at the person as a ‘whole’, giving a full and thorough consultation, focusing on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being. We provide our clients with an integrative approach to achieve their optimum health and vitality by offering range of natural holistic therapies in combination with the latest energy medicine technologies. Our holistic approach offers a non-invasive and pain-free methods for screening health and a range of natural, drug-free remedies and supplements.

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