Unresolved bladder problems?


Bladder problems are often poorly understood and often require medical attention from your primary care GP if they persist for more that 3 days and and over the counter pharmaceutical hasn’t worked.  UTI’s generally lead to a course bacteria-fighting medications such as antibiotics or more and some urine sampling to identify the cause, however antibiotic resistance is common for those who have taken antibiotics previously.


One of the biggest challenges with antibiotics for treatment is there can be significant impact on the microbiome which then leads to an overgrowth of candida and hence  a further treatment course.


These challenges can have a significant impact on your lifestyle, work, emotional health and relationships. The body then needs to find a way to get back to healthy and the functional medicine approach can be key to helping address the imbalances which allowed the the initial infection to take hold in the first place.


How to support the natural healing of UTI’s naturally.


We use  ASYRA Pro  bio-resonance to complete the health screening protocols using the functional medicine 5R approach.   During a comprehensive health consultation, the aim is to work through the 5R stages and help you map out the most  effective route to optimal health,


Equilibrium 5R Approach


  1. REMOVE  from the body what should not be there such as inflammatory foods (gluten, dairy, corn, soy, eggs and sugar which can lead to food sensitivities), infections (parasites, yeast such as candida or bacteria), and gastric irritants like environmental toxins (chemicals, drugs or heavy metals).
  2. REPLACE  the healing ingredients missing from the body required for proper digestion and absorption that may have been depleted by diet, disease or the aging process.
  3. REINOCULATE  the microbiome with prebiotics and probiotics to re-establish a healthy balance of good bacteria which is critical to strengthen immunity.
  4. REPAIR with natural nutritional supplements, herbal, aromatherapy products to help the gut repair and rejuvenate the gut wall lining.
  5. REBALANCE the other lifestyle choices which contribute to health: Sleep, exercise, and stress can all affect the GI tract. Balancing those activities is important to an optimal digestive tract.


You can read about it in more detail here!


The Top Supplements


  • Antimicrobials including adaptogenic herbs and tree saps. Matching the correct product which has a powerful antimicrobial, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal effects without harming the beneficial bacteria.  Colloidal Silver is can also be beneficial against pathogenic bacteria without wiping out the beneficial microbiome.
  • Probiotics, due to the development of bacterial resistance, a promising alternative treatment for recurring UTIs is probiotics. Researchers have found that benign bacterial flora is crucial for preventing the overgrowth of microorganisms that lead to illness. – see Bravo below.
  • Cranberry Juice, Some studies suggest that cranberry juice may be effective, however this is more preventive.
  • Waterfall D-Mannose is extremely effective when used regularly to keep cystitis away, however once the infection has taken hold higher doses are required to clear infections.
  • Garlic has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effects. Studies have found that garlic extracts exhibits antibacterial activity against a wide range of bacteria, including E. coli, the bacteria that most commonly causes UTIs.  For those who don’t want to suffer with garlic breath, it can be taken in capsule form
  • Antibacterial Essential Oils – Clove, myrrh and oregano essential oils can improve UTI symptoms because of their antibacterial properties.  However do seek the advice of a clinical aromatherapist and always dilute oils and never ingest.
  • Vitamin C makes urine more acidic, which inhibits the growth of bacteria
  • Herbals such as bearberry and gravel root to support the kidney function and to aid dissolving the tiny crystal deposits/stone which can harbour the pathogenic bacteria and are too small to detect by traditional screening methods.



    How to find out more?


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    Kirsty Terry, Msc, BSc, R(Nutr), RTT™, AFMCP™

    Kirsty is a Healthpreneur and uses the modalities of Functional Medicine, Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT™) and Bioenergetic Health Screening to help her clients achieve their optimum health and vitality naturally.

    Kirsty is passionate about how the mind and body works together in creating the onset of illness and combines psycho-emotional, energetic, physical and meta-physical approaches for a truly comprehensive, radically wholistic approach to health and wellness.

    She helps her clients to get to, and understand the root cause of their health challenges, and helps them address the lifestyles changes required break free from managing symptoms and achieve their optimum health and vitality.

    For anyone who is sick, stuck or just fed-up with the ongoing pattern of managing only symptoms. Her unique combination of modalities provides a truly comprehensive and wholistic approach to achieving health which are non-invasive, painless and a drug-free.

    When I’m not trying to heal the world, I’m a Zumba queen, or blissing out with a good meditation