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Nutrigenetics, Nutrigenomics & Pharmacogenetics

Embrace a more personalise approach to your long term health to reduce the onset of ill health or  disease. Find out More>>

Personalised dietary  lifestyle requirements for  healthy weight management.

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Maximise sporting potential, personalised injury prevention and  recovery strategies.

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Oestrogen metabolism pathways, to reduce risk of oestrogen-related health conditions.  

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Personalised risk reduction for addictions, mood regulation and neurogegenerative  mental health disorders. Find out More>>

Ddetermine drug-gene interactions, highlighting potential side effects, increased toxicity, and lack of efficacy.  Find out More>>

In the 2016 survey of Functional Medicine doctors by IFM, dnalife® was voted one of the most recognized suppliers of nutrigenomic testing.

DNA Resilience®

Manage stress, build resilience and learn to thrive in adverse conditions or environments   Find out More>>

 Personalise training programmes and dietary protocol, to optimise athletic performance.  Find out More>>

 Manage chronic pain by identifying individual pain susceptibility from genetic variations. 

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 Improve skin care regime and reduce visible signs of ageing. Find out More>>

 Optimal wellbeing of mother and child.

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 insight into oral health,  for periodontal disease, cavities and other chronic diseases. Find out More>>

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The science of nutrigenetics defines the interrelationship between a person’s genetics and their need for, or utilization of, a particular nutrient

Investigating the modifying effects of gene variants on micronutrient uptake and metabolism as well as dietary effects on health.



The study of how food affects a person’s genes and how a person’s genes affect the way the body responds to food.

Nutrigenomics is used to learn more about how genes and diet together may affect a person’s health and risk of developing diseases, such as cancer.


Pharmacogenomics looks at how your DNA affects the way you respond to drugs.
Pharmacogenomics is an important example of the field of precision medicine, which aims to tailor medical treatment to each person or to a group of people.