Allergies are becoming increasingly common and millions of people are suffering daily, with the onset of the allergy season, here’s the 5 top tips you can do today to help allergies.

Allergy Awareness Week, from Monday 23rd until 29th April 2019, aims to raise awareness of all allergic conditions, including food, respiratory, skin, and children’s allergies.

Here we look also look at the main causes and what can be done to support the body dealing with allergies― with five practical suggestions you can take action on today.

Allergic Reactions are Increasing

It is thought that one in four people in the UK will suffer from allergies at some point in their lives, and numbers are increasing year on year.

An allergy is the body’s reaction to a particular food or substance. Some of the common allergens, that can cause allergic reactions in some people, include:

✓ Foods, such as nuts, gluten, shellfish, cow’s milk, and eggs

✓ Tree pollen and grass (known as hayfever)

✓ Dust mites

✓ Animals (fur, skin or hair)

✓ Medications, including aspirin, ibuprofen, and some types of antibiotics

✓ Household chemical, including detergents and hair dyes

✓ Mold, which can be breathed in as tiny particles into the air.

Whilst these substances may not be harmful to people who do not have a reaction to them, they can affect everyday activities to those that suffer from allergic reactions.

Common signs or symptoms of allergies can include:

✓ Fatigue 

 Joint Pain and Muscle Aches 


 Weight Loss or Gain 

 Mood Swings 

 Anxiety & Irritability 


 Digestive Issues including: gas, bloating, diarrhoea, constipation, nausea 

 Skin Disorders including: eczema, dermatitis or hives

 …And many more….


What Causes Allergies or an Allergic Reaction?

Allergic reactions occur when cells in the immune system interpret a substance as harmful, overact and release histamine. It is your immune system that gives you the symptoms, not the substance itself.  Please read more here>>

This is an important consideration when it comes to how to help allergies, as it reveals the positive intention of your body to try and clear the substance it has misinterpreted as a dangerous threat.

Once we realize that the allergic reaction comes from within, not from something external to us, it gives us the opportunity to address this and change from within, this is where the following tips can help you.  


The National Health Service advises that “in many cases, the most effective way of managing an allergy is to avoid the allergen that causes the reaction whenever possible.”  However, this isn’t always possible especially consider the amount of allergens which are airborne, as well as in foods, personal care products, pets, and other environmental toxicants.


It’s hard to avoid potential allergens if you don’t know what they are!?!  Our service for Adverse reactions (foods and non-foods) will help you discover what your body is reacting to and also provides you with an energetic remedy to educate the immune system.  Read more here>>

3. HEAL and SEAL the GUT

The immune system and gut are closely linked with up to 80% of your immune system residing in your digestive tract. Therefore food really can be used as medicine.

This webinar talks about the The Elimination Diet Made Simple and how in 3 weeks you can identify the foods your body considers healthy and those that should be avoided.  Read more here>>


The immune system is run by the subconscious mind, which is why Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) can be so effective. Using RTT we are able to communicate directly with our subconscious and instruct it, or re-programme it, for powerful permanent change by using the power of the subconscious mind to command our cells and systems as to what we want them to do.  Read more here>>


Contains microbiologically enhanced – molecules known to maintain and improve the body’s natural functions developed in Switzerland based on years of successful research and is unique to and exclusive for Sophia Flow™.  Read more here>>


EH PHEN is a recipe of vibrational frequencies for immune support based on the phenolic sensitivities including histamine, salicylate and oxalates.  Read more here>>

Kirsty Terry, Msc, BSc, R(Nutr), RTT™, AFMCP™

Kirsty is a Healthpreneur and uses the modalities of Functional Medicine, Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT™) and Bioenergetic Health Screening to help her clients achieve their optimum health and vitality naturally.

Kirsty is passionate about how the mind and body works together in creating the onset of illness and combines psycho-emotional, energetic, physical and meta-physical approaches for a truly comprehensive, radically wholistic approach to health and wellness.

She helps her clients to get to, and understand the root cause of their health challenges, and helps them address the lifestyles changes required break free from managing symptoms and achieve their optimum health and vitality.

For anyone who is sick, stuck or just fed-up with the ongoing pattern of managing only symptoms. Her unique combination of modalities provides a truly comprehensive and wholistic approach to achieving health which are non-invasive, painless and a drug-free.

When I’m not trying to heal the world, I’m a Zumba queen, or blissing out with a good meditation