Personalised ASYRA Bioenergetic Screening Package


(Follow up £175)

(All sessions held over Zoom)


In a nutshell – This is for you if you have exhausted all other options!  “The ASYRA never fails to shine a light on hidden or underlying health issues and providing comprehensive insights, that other modalities just don’t reach”.

Are you ready to take control of your health and well-being?  At Equilibrium health, we specialise in personalised health strategies that are tailored to your unique needs.

The ASYRA bioenergetic health screening surpasses other modalities, shining a powerful light on hidden health issues. Like the iconic Carlsberg beer tagline, it refreshes the parts that other methods can’t reach. It delves deep into your body’s energetic balance, uncovering hidden imbalances and providing comprehensive insights.
With the ASYRA, you gain access to a wealth of personalized information, like a spotlight illuminating your health landscape. Embrace this transformative wellness experience to unlock your true potential for balance, energy, and vibrancy.




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We send you your initial questionnaires to be completed in advance of your first consultation including the following:

  • Medical Symptoms Questionnaire (MSQ)
  • Health Questionnaire
  • DNA Questionnaire,

We request a photo and hair sample to be received prior to the ASYRA Screening

Remote ASYRA Health Screening

ALl the ASYRA bioenergetic health screenings are done remotely.  In the same way that you don’t go and sit in the labe and watch you blood tests being completed, we now do all the ASYRA screenings remotely.  We always start the screening process ‘blind’ to the clients health challenges, this allows us to remove all practitioner bias, and  focus on the information that the ASYRA is providing.  Only once we have the initial findings, do we then cross reference with the detailed health questionnaire and then delve further.

During the screening process, we are initially guiding by the ASYRA protocols and then the practitioner will delve further ‘askng more questions’, and only then will we look further into the MSQ and health questionnaires before recommending diet, supplement and lifestyle recommendations to support the ASYRA generated energetic remedy, (META).  We will then contact you to discuss our summary and discuss with you your personalised recommendations for the next 4-6 weeks. 

  • ASYRA bioenegetic screening: Comprehensive Analysis, Metabolic Digestive, Hormones, Emotional and  Environmental Protocols
  • Practitioner specific protocols depending on MSQ & health questionnaires
  • META remedy
  • Diet, Nutrition, Supplement & Lifestyle Recommendations
  • 30 mn feedback via Zoom

I may discuss other useful approaches such as GP blood tests, DNA tests, functional tests or supplements. You will take away your individual recommendations for up to 4 weeks plus all the Nutriton and and Lifestyle resources

Follow Up & Next Step Recommendations

Then at our next meet s which be at approximately 4-6 weeks post your initial screening, we will discuss  your progress so far, answer any questions, and refine your recommendations and keep you motivated.
  • 4-6 weeks after your initial consultation we will have a 30-minute Zoom. This will help keep you on track, stay motivated and answer any questions you may have. It might be that we adapt and change your recommendations according to your progress.

After your package has ended, you may continue by paying as you go or buying another package of three 30-minute follow ups.  You can get in touch for a follow up session any time.

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