Bravo Probiotic UK – Clarification on the amounts and portion size

The full kit is a 13 week/3month supply i.e 13 batches
1 x batch is 1 week using 1 x starter culture and 1 powder mix.

The made up yoghurt has a shelf life of two weeks.
The portion size is supposed to be 4 oz (100ml), giving 10 portions from a batch (a weeks supply, although you have a two-week shelf life to use within).
However from experience of using this product and how strong I believe it is. This is what I do:
When the yoghurt is formed I spoon it into 20 x 2oz pots (I easily fill 21) and then myself and my two children have a pot a day each and this lasts us a week, or it would give 1 adult, 3 x 2 oz portions per day.  Possibly suitable to maintain good health, more will be required for different health challenges.

These are the pots I use 2 oz BPA free, food grade

2015-12-08 11.25.57
Below are the instructions for Bravo Probiotic, First I have added a few additional Instructions/recommendations from experience!

  1. Use Jersy Milk – A2 casein
  2. Cool the milk to 30oC
  3. When the milk cools, you can skim off the top skin
  4. Remove a cup of warm milk and mix in the powder and starter mix until dissolved, then our back into the full amount.
  5. Keep in the oven at 30oC overnight
  6. The texture of the yoghurt should be solid (curd-like) before mixing,
  7. There was no need to strain the yoghurt, we made two batches, strained and not strained, there was no lumps, but see point 4
  8. We used BPA-free 2oz pots, and filled 20 pots (actually 21, which work out nicely for 3 of us to have 1 pot per day, the recommended amount is higher for those with health challenges

Flavouring the Bravo Probiotic

There are various ways to flavour the yoghurt to sweeten it.

Adding raw honey, fresh fruit etc.

The children experimented with fruit, honey and mixing with other sweetened yoghurts, their favorite so far a Squashum!

My favorite – I added some manuka honey and bee pollen and it was Awesome!

2015-12-07 10.03.28


Keep all preparation utensils and materials separate from other household items (for example you could keep them in a clean plastic tub) and use them only for preparing BRAVO. Do not eat or cooking while preparing BRAVO. Utensils necessary for the preparation ofBRAVO can be washed in a regular dishwasher.

Besides the powders provided with the kit, to prepare one batch of BRAVO, you need 1 liter of cow’s MILK.

It is preferable to use whole, high quality, pasteurized milk (for its high content in proteins). Homogenized or non-homogenized milk can be used.

Raw milk can be used since it has to be boiled anyway.

Avoid using, if possible, Ultra Pasteurized (UHT) milk since the high temperature used to sterilize it completely breaks most of the milk proteins.

Avoid milk with added preservatives, hormones or other chemical substances. In some countries (USA) milk is regularly added with vitamin A (6% daily values), vitamin D (25% daily values) and calcium (30% daily values) and it can be used with no problems to prepareBRAVO. Do not use extra added vitamins A and D milk.

Do not use rice, soy, almond, or lactose-free milk.

Goat’s milk can be used if the same guidelines are followed. In line of principle, any mammal’s milk may be used.

Please remember that changing the source and the kind of the milk the thickness and the taste of the final product can vary.


Before starting, be sure to wash your hands. During the preparation use clean paper towels and NOT textile towels for drying and discard them after use. Be sure all work surfaces and utensils are clean.

– Boil 1 liter of milk, stirring well continuously to keep from sticking to bottom of pot until it boils. Milk boils when it blows up to the rim of the pot. Remove the pot from heat immediately. Do not over boiling the milk.

This point is critical. Please see the related video.

– Cool the milk to room temperature (68-86°F) without stirring it (simply leave it at room temperature). Remove the thick layer off top and discard it (it is mainly composed by caseins). When the milk is warm transfer it into the glass bowl.

– Gently add 1 bottle of Powder Mix and 1 bag of Starter and stir thoroughly with a tablespoon until all the clumps have been completely dissolved. Make sure that no clumps are remaining (a simple way to dissolve clumps is to add the powders to a small amount of milk, mix very well, and only when all the clumps have been dissolved, add the rest of the milk).

– Loosely cover the bowl with aluminum foil so that air can pass over the fermenting milk while it is covered.

– Set the bowl aside in a draft-free spot where it will not be disturbed and temperature will remain constant. Do not mix or move it. BRAVO will ferment in 24-48 hours depending on the room temperature. You can check, 24 hours later from the beginning, if the thickness ofBRAVO is correct; if you are not sure about its thickness, you can remove a little part of the surface (near the rim) by a tablespoon. If BRAVO is not thick as expected, wait up to 24 additional hours until it is thick enough (it can stay at room temperature for maximum 48 hours). You can check from time to time but without stirring it; the process of stirring will stop the fermentation process.

 Once BRAVO has reached the appropriate thickness, mix it well using a tablespoon. If clumps are present, strain it using the metal strainer. Please see the related video.

– Split the BRAVO into single daily doses using glass jars with lid.

– Store BRAVO into the refrigerator.


BRAVO, once it has been prepared and it is ready to drink, has an expiration of about 2 weeks if properly stored into the refrigerator.

BRAVO may not be frozen. Use a maximum of one 4-oz (125 ml) serving daily at the end of a meal rich in vegetables or leafy greens (fibre). Shake well before consuming. Flavour, if desired, with high-grade honey or fruit.

While drinking BRAVO, do not consume sugar substitutes or artificial sweeteners (such as in beverages, foods, and chewing gum) because these substances deteriorate the product’s properties. Do not wash the teeth for at least 1 hour after consuming it. Keep it inside the mouth for about ten seconds before swallowing it. Do not consume past the fourteen-day expiration date.

BRAVO is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.