DNA Reports Support Package


(Does not include the cost of the DNA tests & reports which will be advised separately.  All sessions held over Zoom)


In a nutshell – You want to know more about your health based on your unique DNA, you’ve got your reports – Now What?  We’ve got you covered!


Congratulations on taking the first step towards unlocking your genetic potential with DNAlife. But here’s the real question: now that you have your DNA reports, what’s next? That’s where I come in as a certified DNAlife practitioner. I bridge the gap between genetic information and actionable lifestyle recommendations.

Together, we’ll decode your reports and translate them into practical steps tailored specifically to you. From diet and nutrition to stress management, sleep, and supplements, I’ll guide you on your journey to optimizing your health based on your unique genetics.

Don’t settle for just data – invest in the support you need to turn knowledge into action. Choose the comprehensive practitioner support package from DNAlife and start transforming your life today.




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Onboarding & DNA Report Selection

We send you your initial questionnaires to be completed in advance of your first consultation

Personalised DNA Report Consultation

In this consultation of up to 90 minutes we discuss your health questionnaire and food diary and your personalised recommendations for the next 4 weeks. These will be food-based and lifestyle recommendations.

  • review  your questionnaires, current signs and symptoms. I will ask you about your typical diet, lifestyle, activity and stress levels.
  • challenges you might face when making changes.
  • share your dietary analysis and recommended your personalised food plan which will usually be for the next 4 weeks
  • introduce you to your full resource pack and answer any questions about how to use it
  • schedule a a review for 4 weeks later

I may discuss other useful approaches such as GP blood tests, DNA tests, functional tests or supplements. You will take away your individual recommendations for up to 4 weeks plus all the Nutriton and and Lifestyle resources

Next Steps & Recommendations

Then at our next meets which be at approximately 4-6 weeks later, we will discuss your progress so far, answer any questions, and refine your recommendations and keep you motivated.
  1. four weeks after your DNA results consultation we will have a 45-minute Zoom. This will help keep you on track, stay motivated and answer any questions you may have. It might be that we adapt and change your recommendations according to your progress.

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