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DNA Skin® genetic test and report analyses genes that influence skin health. DNA Skin was developed to provide insight into the genetic contribution of important biological areas involved in maintaining the health of the skin, thus allowing for a more targeted approach to anti-aging skincare.

About This Test

DNA Skin is a genetic test that offers insight into key areas that influence skin health,

The DNA Skin report can be used to personalise lifestyle, nutrition, nutraceutical, and cosmeceutical recommendations in order to improve skin health and reduce the visual signs of aging.

Ideal For

DNA Skin offers significant value for any individual who wants to address skin concerns including elasticity, pigmentation, breakouts, accelerated ageing due to sun damage and pollution, and sensitive skin issues.

Adopt a personalised approach, inside and out, to improve the look and the health of your skin.

Report Insights



The genes analysed in the DNA Skin report work in biological pathways that contribute toward commonly reported skin concerns, such as:

  • skin elasticity
  • antioxidant status and environmental pollution
  • UV aging
  • (hyper)pigmentation
  • breakouts
  • skin sensitivities
  • wrinkles.

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