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DNA Sport genetic test and report is designed for those looking to improve sports performance, reduce the risk of injury and personalise their training for optimum performance.  Train according to your unique genetic potential

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About This Test

DNA Sport is a genetic test designed to guide the personalisation of exercise and training recommendations. The report provides highly personalised and effective training advice, allowing you to adapt to, compensate for, and maximise your genetic strengths.

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Ideal For

DNA Sport is a genetic test for those looking to get maximum benefit from time spent training, and better understand their risk for soft tissue injuries and optimal recovery times. So whether you are a newcomer to exercise, a weekend warrior, or an elite athlete looking for that extra edge; speak to your healthcare practitioner today about how DNA Sport can help you adopt a more personalised approach to achieving your performance goals.

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Report Insights

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Test Results

Research within the field of sports genetics has been prolific, with an increasing number of studies yielding fascinating results:

  • 90% of elite rowers were found to be carriers of the same genetic variant
  • 80% of Russian endurance athletes has a specific variant in common
  • 66% of elite endurance athletes were found to be carriers of 8 or more “endurance-related” genes

Knowledge of how you are likely to respond to specific exercise training, can help you choose the bets training for you to reach optimal performance.

DNA Sport examines various biological areas that impact training responsiveness and sporting performance. These include soft tissue and bone formation and remodelling; inflammation; oxidative stress; oxygenation influenced by blood flow and respiration; energy and fuel production; and metabolism during exercise. Knowledge of gene variations that influence these key biological areas can be used to exploit any genetic advantages and identify any weaknesses that need to be supported, through diet and the training strategies.

Clinical Value

Suitable for the recreational athlete and the elite performance athlete, it provides information to optimise:

  • Power and endurance – physiological factors
  • Structural integrity – tendon pathology and injury risk
  • Recovery – training patterns and nutrition

The DNA Sport Test Report provides:

  • The level of impact of any genetic variants identified
  • An explanation of their impact on sport performance, injury and recovery risk
  • Appropriate nutritional and lifestyle recommendations in relation to health and sports  performance, including power and endurance, athletic potential and key training principles, injury and recovery

Tests for:

Genetic markers for athletic fitness and performance

Analytes measured:

Power and Endurance

AGT:  An essential component of the renin-angiotensin system. It influences exercise and training methods for best results.

ACE: Responsible for the conversion of angiotensin I to angiotensin II – influencing vasodilation  and vasoconstriction. VEGF An endothelial cell proliferator involved in blood vessel growth to increase oxygenation and thus impact VO2max. BDRKB Influences the communication between the renin-angiotensin and kainin-kalikrein systems impacting thirst and fluid loss.

ACTN:  An actin-binding protein that influences the function of fast-twitch muscle fibres.

ADRB2:  Associated with blood vessel growth to meet the needs of the active tissue and so influencing oxygenation and VO2max.

NRF-2:  Improves respiratory capacity and increases ATP production during exercise.

PPARGC1A:  Associated with the mediation of the initial phase of exercise and increasing mitochondrial biogenesis.

PPARA:  Associated with lipid and glucose metabolism.

TRHR:  Thyrotropin-releasing hormone stimulates the release of thyroid stimulating hormone and metabolic rate.

VDR:  Has a profound influence on bone density.

IL-6:  Plays a crucial role in inflammation by regulating the expression of C reactive protein (CRP)

Injury and Recovery

GDF5:  Plays a role in the development and healing of the skeletal system and soft tissues.

COL1A1:  A collagen protein found in tendons, ligaments and cartilage.

COL5A1:  Forms one of the minor fibrillar collagens of tendons and ligaments.

Il-6:  Influences cytokine induced inflammation.

CRP:  Raises the inflammatory response in the body.

IL-6:  Plays a crucial role in inflammation and regulates expression of C reactive protein (CRP).

TNF-A:  A pro-inflammatory cytokine, secreted by both macrophages and adipocytes, which has been shown to alter whole body glucose homeostasis.

SOD2:  Superoxide dismutase a potent antioxidant enzyme.

Test type:

DNA: Genes, genetics, fitness, performance

Sample required:

Buccal swab

Average processing time:

18-21 days

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Privacy policy:

The DNA and the original sample material are destroyed after 3 months, so that there are no names or other identifiers on the samples. The samples are analysed only for the SNPs that are included in the tests at DNALife, and no other research or analyses are performed without a separate permission from the patient. We do not give or sell the results to any third parties.


Please note, the price of this test includes home delivery of test kit and a DHL home collection and shipping to Nordic Laboratories OY in Finland where the samples are processed.


As an add on extra test,  please speak to your practitioner for more information about pricing for combining tests


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