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DNA Sport Report is designed for those looking to improve sports performance, reduce the risk of injury and personalise their training for optimum performance.  Train according to your unique genetic potential

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About This Test

DNA Sport is a genetic test designed to guide the personalisation of exercise and training recommendations. The report provides highly personalised and effective training advice, allowing you to adapt to, compensate for, and maximise your genetic strengths.

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Ideal For

DNA Sport is a genetic test for those looking to get maximum benefit from time spent training, and better understand their risk for soft tissue injuries and optimal recovery times. So whether you are a newcomer to exercise, a weekend warrior, or an elite athlete looking for that extra edge; speak to your healthcare practitioner today about how DNA Sport can help you adopt a more personalised approach to achieving your performance goals.

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Report Insights

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Test Results

Research within the field of sports genetics has been prolific, with an increasing number of studies yielding fascinating results:

  • 90% of elite rowers were found to be carriers of the same genetic variant
  • 80% of Russian endurance athletes has a specific variant in common
  • 66% of elite endurance athletes were found to be carriers of 8 or more “endurance-related” genes

Knowledge of how you are likely to respond to specific exercise training, can help you choose the bets training for you to reach optimal performance.

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