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Unlike one-size-fits-all solutions, our approach ensures lifestyle recommendations based on your unique genetic makeup.

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Unlock Your Genetic Potential

As a certified DNALife practitioner, our aim is to help you discover the range of DNALife Health Tests, a suite of state-of-the-art genetic evaluations that decode your DNA to reveal insights into weight management, mental health, chronic disease risk, sports performance, and the efficacy or toxicity of prescription medications.

Quality Tests & Reports

The technology to understand patients at a genetic and biochemical level is becoming fundamental to medicine

Scientific Integrity

Genetic reports are only released once the science behind them is fully understood and when there are clear actionable interventions that improve health outcomes

Ethical Accessible

A commitment to ensure that ethical and appropriate use of genetic tests in practice. And more accessible, to bring personalized Health Care to patients and practitioners.


One-size-fits-all approach to healthcare often falls short

Without fully understanding your genetic makeup, it’s challenging to address health issues at their root cause, and provide comprehensive solutions to individual health concerns.

Expensive Trial and Error

Current solutions can be costly and still not deliver expected results. Without knowing your genetic predispositions, it’s like taking shots in the dark, potentially wasting both money and time.

Time-Consuming Guesswork

Trying to figure out what works best for your body often means a long process of trial and error, taking up precious time and slowing down progress towards your health goals.



Technical Overload

Without professional interpretation, genetic health reports can feel like deciphering a complex scientific paper, leaving you confused and unable to take actionable steps towards better health.

This ends up costing you more and taking more time

Incorporating solutions that don’t fully address your unique needs.  may lead to an inferior quality of life due to unresolved health issues and unnecessary stress. Understanding your DNA can help you streamline your health journey and enhance the effectiveness of your health investments.

There’s a better way to do it

DNAlife health test can provide value and the results the others can’t. Here’s how DNA life reports working in partnership with your practitioner can provide value and the results the others can’t. 


 In-depth insights into your DNA, unparalleled compared to standard health assessments.


A preventive health strategy that helps mitigate potential future health issues.

Tailored Solutions

Personalized health recommendations based on your unique genetic makeup

Certified Practitioner

To guide interpretation of your results and the creation of personalized health plan.


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Suite of genetic evaluations that decode  DNA to reveal insights into weight management, mental health, chronic disease risk, sports performance, and the efficacy of prescription medications.


Global Shipping

 Agreement allows us to ship and receive test kits from more than 70 countries at dna life and the cost is included in the price

Sleek Report Design

Test reports provide clear actionable interventions that improve health outcomes

Join thousands of happy customers

Read what a handful of happy customers are saying about your product.

I was blown away by the level of detail in the report, not only finding out my unique genetic make up but knowing how to protect myself from the risk of ill health in the future.

Kirsty Terry

Functional Medicine, Equilibrium

I was worried about my risk for diabetes and CVD, the report was firstly reassuring to know that my risk wasn’t as high as I was expecting, but also knowing what I need to do to prevent it in the future based on my DNA was fantastic

Cheryl N Lewis

Nurse Practitioner, NHS

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Vivien Smith

(Retired) Call Centre, BT

Start implementing personalised lifestyle recommendations

Choose the DNA Life package that suits your needs. We recommend the practitioners choice option as it’s the most comprehensive suite of reports for a one time fee and your report last  forever.

DNA Health

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Embrace a more personalised approach to your mental health



One off fee

37+ gene variants

20+ pages

DNA Health


Reduce side effects and improve efficacy of medications



One off fee

15 categories

37 drug classes

130+ medications



Decode your individual DNA to understand what you really need to get and stay healthy





One-time fee

5x separate DNA tests

(DNA Health, DNA Diet, DNA Mind, DNA Sport, MedCheck)

110+ individual gene variations

* current promotion only available until further notice

DNA Health

Embrace a more personalised approach to your health



One off fee

59+ gene variants

30+ pages

DNA Diet

dna diet logo

Personalise your dietary advice for weight management



One off fee

20+ gene variants

17+ pages

DNA Diet


Personalise your training, for optimum performance



One off fee

23+ gene variants

18+ pages

Frequently Asked Questions


Why is it essential to understand my unique genetic makeup when it comes to my health?

It’s like having a personal roadmap to your  health. Knowing your unique genetic makeup allows you to tailor health decisions precisely for you. It’s different from generic advice that might not fully address your needs.  I genuinely feel more in control of my health journey since I have received my DNALife reports, as it sheds light on my body’s unique needs and susceptibilities.

Is it complex to interpret the test results?

This was a concern for me too initially. But the beauty of DNALife health tests is the personalized report that comes along with them.  It’s easily understandable, and as a certified practitioner, I can provide professional assistance in interpreting your results and helping you plan the next steps of your health journey

How does a DNA health test differ from regular health tests?

This was a concern for me too initially. But the beauty of DNALife health tests is the personalized report that comes along with them.  It’s easily understandable, and as a certified practitioner, I can provide professional assistance in interpreting your results and helping you plan the next steps of your health journey

Are DNALife health tests suitable for people with no known health issues?

Absolutely! This is about being proactive and preventive. Even if you’re currently healthy, the tests can provide valuable insights for maintaining your health. It’s truly an investment in your future wellbeing.

Are DNALife health tests reliable compared to other platforms like 23andMe or AncestryDNA?

The reliability of DNALife health tests is one of the reasons I decided to traine as once of their certified practitioners. They not only offer a comprehensive health view but also focus on actionable genetic insights which many other platforms lack. The precision and detail provided by DNALife are beyond comparison. With other platforms, they may provide the genetic informations, this will require interpretion usually by another third party provider.  However, every platform has its pros and cons, and it truly depends on what you’re seeking from the test.



How does the testing process work? Is it painful?

The process is simple, quick, and painless. It involves a blood sample collection kit that you use at home and then mail back. Then within a few short weeks, you’ll receive your personalized report and advice after laboratory analysis.



What if it's not right for me?

Prior to ordering, please book a free call to discuss your concerns and we can help you choose the right tests for you.

Will I need to take these tests frequently

DNA is your unique, unchanging biological code, so you only need to take the test once. The insights you gain from it will continue to be applicable, which is one of the aspects I genuinely appreciate about this process.

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Case Study

I cannot express enough how much of an impact having my DNA tested impacted my life in a positive way.

I have a family  history of diabetes cardiovascular disease and dementia and I was really keen to know if this was prevalent in my DNA however what I learned from the DNA health test was not just which of the genetic variations I had but more importantly what I needed to do to do so risk of ill health in the future so for example those days she recommendations supplement recommendations and it was wonderful to know that I can make simple changes to my eating habits to reduce the risk of diabetes in the future.  Report.

The DNA diet report has really helped me to understand how to manage a healthy weight which foods to avoid and which foods to include more of.
Having had various sport injuries the DNA sport has really helped me to understand how to optimise my training performance and the best time to be to exercise but how much I should be doing.

The DNA mind test is really helped me understand my predisposition to different moves habits and behaviours and given that I’ve had a couple of hospital visits of the years to Paris accidents the Medcheck is really useful for the future benefit knowing which medications work best for me.

I also did the DNA Oestrogen test which was useful for helping to understand the hormones.  And I would recognise and I would recommend this test alongside the grow baby anybody thinking about getting pregnant.  In the future I definitely want to complete more of the DNAlife tests and especially DNA skin to help me age gracefully, the DNA smile and DNA resilience tests I’ll definitely look at the DNA pain and DNA active as I get older I want to maintain mobility in the later years with life.

A note from Kirsty Terry – DNALife Certified Practitioner

I had heard such good things about DNALife from other functional medicine practitioners, not only about the tests and reports themselves, but more importantly, how it was helping the achieve better outcomes for their clients.

I am a big believer in walking the talk, and so I was excited to start with my first six reports, you can read more about my experience above.  However a big tip for anyone thinking of DNAlife tests – don’t just buy one!  Included in the cost of the DNA test is the sending and collecting the test kit and returning it to the lab, therefore, the cost of tests as a add-on to the first test is significantly more cost effective, hence I am able to offer my practitioners special deal.

I fyou still have questions, you can book a FREE call with me and I will help you decide which tests are right for you. 🙂

Kirsty Terry

Founder/Practitioner, Equilibrium Health

Take control of your health today.

By now, you’re likely realizing the value these tests can bring to your health journey. So why wait?  And here’s a question for you: Are you ready to transform your approach to health and wellness with personalized genetic insights?


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One time purchase

separate DNA tests

(DNA Health, DNA Diet, DNA Mind, DNA Sport, MedCheck)

110+  individual gene variations

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