Dr Axe

For those of your who know me and my passion for continued research and continued professional development,  I am so delighted to be training with Dr Axe of Food is Medicine Fame, one of my professional hero’s and fellow functional medicine practitioner who I have followed and taken inspiration from for many years!

And what is so exciting is in his six week Institute of Nutritional Leadership programme, he is going to share with me how he built his online health business and brand and turned it into one of the most go to reliable health websites available out there – and his mission, to get me to do the same!!

Dr Axe, I am so grateful and privileged to be joining you.  I’m only two weeks in and just so excited by this incredible journey and opportunity and can’t wait to use all that I learn to get my ‘Cleanse, Nourish and Heal’ programme out there for the world to enjoy!

Dr Axe has some amazing free give away products which everyone should have, please follow the link here to his website:  Dr Axe.com and download his free recipe books, shopping lists and more!