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The Food Sensitivity List Report (FS)

Food Sensitivities are symptoms and not the root cause of your health challenges. To heal your health, the priority is to remove any toxicity from your body, strengthen the immune system and in the process hopefully identify where there may be opportunities to reduce future exposures.
Also with the Food Sensitivity report, even ‘1 -item’ foods, are never ‘1-ingredient’, hence you will see food items which we know are nutritionally fantastic, but may also have ingredients which can cause stress or weakness on the body. It is also always good to look for patterns amongst the food groups for example ‘nightshades’, ‘grains’, ‘dairy’, ‘sugars’ etc.

How to read your food sensitivity report

FS report

Yellow items are causing weakness in the body – these should be avoided.
Red items are causing stress – the body is able to deal with these, but it is good to reduce these to 2/3 times per week.
Green items – called the balancing item, (which is where a lot of the confusion comes from) is the food item that in the chemical form is causing a problem, but when given to you in your remedy in an energetic form will treat the problem, therefore it is the item in green which you need to avoid.




FS report chocolateIf you are finding the FS list hugely restricting, then try this, there is a number in brackets after the name of the food group in green i.e. Beverages (78), Cocoa.Chocolate.

The food sensitivity scale

The ASYRA works around a ‘bell-curve’ scale 0-100, where 50 is the midpoint (balanced items), 0-45 is yellow (weakened) and 55-100 is red (stressed/inflamed). I have the ASYRA set to ‘high sensitivity’ for FS, so it picks everything up, however some practitioners advise to avoid the foods with a number scored lower than 40 or higher than 80.
Therefore using the above examples, would mean, you can have chocolate (78) and also you cwill also see other foods that are only just on the limit. If you now look at your report using this method, you will find it less restrictive. :).


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