Health Summits Online Event Calendar

Whatever health challenge you may be dealing with right now, you can be assured there is a health summit online to bring you all the latest science in the discovery how to diagnose, treat and recover health.  Don’t be dis-heartened if you missed the FREE screening, as there are also encore days, where they replay all the favourite speakers as well as being able to own the whole summit either digitally or on hard media.  Have a browse through the 2017 list and see if there is a summit to help you or your loved ones.

Airing This Week


Chronic Lyme Disease Summit 2

2017 Summit Schedule

January 30 – February 6 Autoimmune Revolution Summit
April 10 – 17 Sweet Freedom Summit
April 24 – May 1 Global Stress Summit
May 8 – 15 Microbiome Medicine II
June 5 – 12 LGBT Wellness Summit
June 19 – 26 Lyme Summit 2
July 10-17 Chronic Headache & Migraine Summit
July 24 – 31 Immune Defense Summit
August 21-28 Interpreting Your Genetics Summit
September 11-18 Parasite Summit
September 25 – October 2 Mental Wellness Summit 2
October 9 – 16 Arthritis Summit
October 23 – 30 Spirituality Summit
November 6 – 13 Hashimoto’s Summit

Don’t worry if you have missed a summit, you can still purchase the summit post event screening.  However the best time to purchase and event summit is prior to the screening when you will be able to purchase and access all the talks, videos, and PDF’s at the cheapest prices.