Functional Medicine Case Review Package

£495 (saving £115 on price of booking appointment individually)

(All sessions held over Zoom.  NB This package does not include the price of either DNA or functional tests)



In a nutshell – 3 months health case support

Are you looking for some answers, a second opinion, or just not sure what type of program or treatment you need?

Have you ever wished that your health care provider would just listen to your story and hear you out?

Do you wish they would help make sense of your symptoms and provide the answers you’ve been searching for?
Your story holds the answer to your health and how to best restore it. By attentively listening to you, asking the right questions, and assessing your situation, we know exactly where to get started and how to best serve your needs.

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We send you your initial questionnaires to be completed in advance of your first consultation

Functional Medicine Consultation

Your initial private consultation to tell your story and explain your goals.

We’ll guide you through a complete functional medicine intake and timeline where we will learn all about your history, your current state of health, past and current treatments, exposures, stresses, and your lifestyle as well as listen your health

We’ll discuss any recent lab work and recommend optional DNA tests and or functional labs that might help fill in some of the missing pieces and any lifestyle questionnaires or data gathering required.

Next Steps & Recommendations

Then at our next meet which will coincide with DNA or lab results, at approximately 4-6 weeks later, we will discuss the further refinement of your lifestyle prescription based on any external reports, your next steps and introduce you to your resources pack.
Our recommendations will include the most appropriate functional lab testing, lifestyle shifts, nutrition plans, stress reduction practices and recommended supplement support.

Follow Up Review

We will complete the process with a final review at the 3-month point.  This is a check-in to see what progress you have made so far and some further recommendations if you requre to further refine the recommendations

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