Functional Nutrition and Nutrigenomics may sounds like buzz words, however the popularity of DNA testing has exploded in the last couple of years, and according to a recent MIT study, a hot conversation starter at dinner tables.  Whilst many are interested in their ancestry or personal identity, there are some very good reason why you should use DNA testing to help you uncover important health information.

DNA Test Popularity Explosion…

Genetics tests are now very freely available and relatively inexpensive these days.  Companies such as 23andme and Ancestry advertise everywhere,

When it comes to health, the big problem is that a lot of genetics that you get on a 23 and ancestry are difficult to read,  the data is raw,  or have to put it through other platforms to get a report and make some sore of sense of it,  and it’s really a waste of money and a waste of time. 

Uncover Important Health Information…

However there are genetics tests from specialist companies such as DNA Life, who for not much more, have well defined reports, the research is more evidence based and when you choose the right test,  offer a wealth of information and tremendous insight into the possibilities of what you may be experiencing or what your susceptibility is for the future so you can take action now to protect your health for the future.


Important Genetic Inefficiencies

There are important genetic inefficiencies that we look at from a health perspective,  this includes markers such as methylation – all to do with glutathione production, inflammation and detoxification, all vital for so many of the more  chronic health conditions that we see today and can be contributing to the causes of fatigue, chronic pain or other symptoms?  When we see these on a genetics panel, they are the ‘red flags’ and it leads us practitioners to dig deeper.

Genetics or Epigentics?

Genetics is not what is expressing itself in real terms.  However when I have a client sitting there with chronic conditions pain, fatigue, energy issues, hormone issues or whatever it may be, we know there is something happening within this system and it is more than likely related to some of those genetic inefficiencies visible in their genetic report.   

The key is to know that their genetic reports can then used to find out more precisely what to measure and test on an objective basis with further biomedical testing.  


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