SuperbugsMost food and water processing kill off the harmful bacteria’s that cause food spoilage and poisoning.  Antibiotics have given us a powerful way to treat infections that were once life threatening, but they usually cannot kill all viruses and parasites.  The growing number of antibiotic-resistant bacteria and the superbugs which cause illness like the Novo and Ebola Virus are again putting humanity at risk.  The bugs are fighting back as a result of the process of natural selection and human misuse.

We have gone antibacterial crazy from overuse of antibiotics which wipe out our natural microbiome to soaps, toothpastes, kitchen equipment and bedding.  The majority of these products rely on an antibacterial agent called Triclosan, a synthetic pesticide with some quite concerning links to health conditions, which we clearly don’t want it our homes or our bodies.  Studies show hand washing with soap is just as effective at removing bacteria.

When our bodies stop being exposed to the everyday germs of daily life, they stop getting the workout they need to stay in good shape when we experience a threat.  We can boost our natural immunity by regularly re-inoculating our healthy bacteria with fermented foods such as natural yoghurt, kefir, kombucha and sauerkraut

The time to be most concerned is around pets, animals and if you or your children get a bite or sting.  A wasp or bee sting, or bites from ticks, mosquitos which lead to swelling could be an allergic reaction which may need immediate medical treatment.  However even the bites or stings which don’t swell, or the ones you may not even know about, can be causing problems and think about, what is in what bit me?  All animals can carry their own microbiome of bacteria which can be transferred and cause harm.

Parasites picked up from other animals can wreak havoc on our systems and whilst it might be a scary thought, they are far more common than you may think.   Some people who have parasites are not even aware they carry them, let alone, how they link to the symptoms they experience.  Typical examples in children are pinworms or head lice that they usually pick up during their nursery years.  They feed off our nutrition, leave us hungry and deposit in us their toxic waste as well as laying eggs, causing itching, irritability and even sleeping problems.  They are very easy to pass on to siblings, parents and peers so good hand washing and hygiene practices are important.  There are hundreds of different ways we can pick up these little critters, often through contaminated food and drink, so always wash fruit and veg and cook food properly.  There are many natural methods to eradicate them, especially with herbs, so if you have unexplained symptoms get them checked out.

Extracted from Free eBook: 10 EASY Steps to Keep Your Kids Healthy