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Medcheck® DNA test is simple and easy to use test that analyses how your body metabolises medication.  It provides insight into responsiveness to different medications  for therapeutic benefit and risk of side effects.  

Who is Medcheck DNA test useful For?

The Medcheck DNA test is useful for anyone taking prescription medications, prescribers and pharmacies.  The Medcheck DNA test can help ensure the the correct medication, at the correct dose based on the patients personal DNA and their ability to metabolise the drug.




The Medcheck DNA test is suitable for anyone on existing medication or about to start a new medication to ensure you have the correct medication, dosage and a lower risk of side effects.



The Medcheck DNA test helps prescribers select a new or alternative medication for a patient  to ensure the efficacy, dosage  and a lower risk of side effects.



The Medcheck DNA test helps Pharmacists advise patients on the  over the counter use of medications and advise on the dosage of prescriptions.

Ensuring Medication Efficacy

The Medcheck DNA test analyses the genotypes in a person’s DNA profile and provides a report on the  likely response to approximately 140 commonly prescribed medications.  

The easy to read results report shows you how you may respond drugs in a number of key areas.

*check the list of medications included here>>

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Use the Medcheck DNA test to check if the right medication is used or if there is a more suitable alternative based on DNA response.

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Use the Medcheck DNA test check if a higher or lower dosage of medication require  to be safe or effective based on DNA response.

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Use the Medcheck DNA test check if there is a risk of adverse drug reactions (ADRs) or side effects based on DNA response.

Medcheck – Start Your Pesonalised Health Journey

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About This Test

The Medcheck DNA test provides insights into  responsiveness to different medications and the likelihood of side effects or not responding.  

Medcheck gives insight into how a patient metabolizes, transports and binds specific drugs, which in turn allows physicians to prescribe those medications that are most likely to prove effective whilst minimising side effects.

Such a personalised approach to medicine has the power to produce better results, particularly for individuals whose genetic profile puts them at risk of experiencing either lack of response or an adverse reaction from a given drug.

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Ideal For

The Medcheck test is suitable for anyone:

  • on an existing medication
  • planning to start a new medication
  • anyone experiencing side-effects, 
  • not responding, 
  • where their prescribing doctor is constantly having to adjust the dose of the medication* outside of the recommended range.

*It is important to confirm that the medication you are questioning is included in the Medcheck report as this test does not report on all medication, but rather only medication for which there is sufficient scientific evidence linking the metabolism of the medication to a genetic variant.

View the full medication list here>>

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Report Insights

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The benefits of the Medcheck pharmacogenetics test include:

  • Improving drug efficacy
  • Decreasing length of treatment time
  • Minimising adverse side effects
  • Reducing money spent on ineffective medications or time in hospital
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