TEA Functional Nutrition Program

A Step-by-Step Blueprint to Improve your Gut Health with Functional Nutrition, Lifestyle Medicine and Energy Psychologies.
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What is Functional Nutrition and Why Does it Matter?

Functional Nutrition  is about finding the right way for each of us to eat—using food to maximize the potential for health

and reverse dysfunction or disease.

There is no single “right diet” that applies to everyone.  We have different genetic
backgrounds, different preferences, and different lives.

We all want to be healthy, but many of us haven’t figured out exactly how to make food and dietary patterns serve that goal.

Functional nutrition offers the concepts, strategies, and tools to make that happen

    Eating Disorders

    For untold centuries, humans have relied on the food supply as a source of energy, health, and connection. 

    However, in the last seven decades, changes in the food supply (and in how we use it) have contributed strongly to the 
    growing epidemic of chronic disease.

    Functional nutrition developed out of a desire on the part of healthcare providers to change that picture.

      Emerging science is very clear that food is a powerful influence on health.

      Food offers not only the calories that fuel
      our body’s metabolism (engine), but it also contains many diverse components that play important roles in all our bodily 

      Poor-quality food can actually create disease, and high-quality food—in the right proportions and amounts—can reverse disease and sustain health. In a very real sense, food is medicine!

        Eating Disorders

        Introducing TEA Functional Nutrition Programme

        The Foundations of Healthy Eating

        Module 1 – What Is TEA Nutrition

          Complete Functional Nutrition Guide (used to improve and refine your relationship with food)

           Recipes (Not specific to any fad diet).

           Macro Nutrition (how to use as a healthy strategy)

           Habit Change (supporting strategies for new lifestyle habits)

          The Systems of Healthy Eating

          Module 2 – The RPA Nutrition System

            Reset & Clear Out (challenge the foods you eat)

           Functional Foods (Make your body work for you)

           Meal Planning & Recipes (easy, quick and delicious recipes for each week)

           Shopping List (foods to include, foods to avoid)

            The Science of Modern Nutrition Protocols

            Module 3 – Advanced Nutrition Concepts 

             Fats (Fat myths & Super fats)

             Protein (for metabolics, repair and essential bodily functions)

             Carbohydrates (Curbing carbs, from fuel to fibre)

             Nutrition Hacking  (Intermittent Fasting, Nutritional Ketosis, Mitochondrial disfunction) 

             Restrictive Plans  (Vegetarian, Vegan, Pescatarian )



              Customising Eating Plans for Health

              Module 4 – The Diet Protocols


                 Elimination Diet  (for immune & inflammatin response)

                 Elimination (for immune & inflammatin response)

                 Adverse Reactions (Identify food sensitivities)

                 Re-Introduction Phase (Intermit) 

                 Phased Plan (Easy to follow strategy with food plans)


                Included in the Program

                Comprehensive Health Questionnaire (Baseline and progress tracking)

                 Toxicity Questionnaire (Comprehensive tool to help to you track exposure to environmental toxins)

                 Nutrition & Lifestyle Tracker (1,3 or 7 day trackers to keep you on plan)

                Complete Functional Nutrition Guide (4-week Elimination Diet Toolkit and Meal Planner)

                 Recipes (easy, quick and delicious recipes for each week )

                 Shopping List (foods to include, foods to avoid, )



                 Supplement Guide (to support a gut healing protocol & healthy digestion )

                 2 x Powerful Energy Clearing Meditations (morning and evening to set you up for success and access higher intelligence)

                 1 x Powerful RTT recording (to clear self-limiting beliefs)

                 Access to Private Equilibrium Approach Facebook Community (with community support during the programme)

                ….Any much more!


                If you have always known there is more to health than diet & exercise then this is the program for you!

                Following the Functional Nutrition program you can look forward to:

                Reduce Stress Levels
                Improve Digestion
                Improve Weight Management
                Increase energy levels
                Strengthen Immunity
                Balance Hormones
                Improve detoxification pathways
                Remove unwanted habits and behaviours
                Reduce confusion and overwhelm
                Get a clear Head
                Gain Clarity on how to heal your health!
                Enjoy a calmer, more mindful, healthy version of of YOU!

                …This program is for YOU!


                What’s in the body that shouldn’t be there?  Whatever it is, it is preventing your from healing from your current health challenges!  There are three main areas to consider, Envirionmental Toxicants (including anywhere where you have become sensitive to the environment your are living in), Infections (such as viruses, bug, bites or stings) or Toxic emotions (stress levels).  This program will help you identify and eliminate what is keeping you stuck and preventing your body from healing.


                What’s missing from the body that should be there?  Are you eating a healthy, mostly organic diet, yet still not feeling the benefits?  We often find that there underlying absorbtion and assimilation challenges that the body is dealing with and whether it is due to low stomach acids, or lack of digestive enzymes, food sensitivities and intolerances can play a part in disruption the biochemistru and  body’s ability to fully nourish itself.   This program will help you get to the bottom of which foods are harming you and give you more of the functional foods helping you.


                What’s preventing you from healing yourself?  We all have an innate ability to heal ourselves, however childhood programming, conditioning, self-sabotage and self-limiting beliefs, unwanted habits and behaviours are all ways in which we are preventing the natural healing process, to our body it feels like carrying around a heavy burden.  What do you need to let go of, to create the health you need to really live your life to the fullest and fulfill your potential?

                 Frequently Asked Questions


                The Equilibrium Approach (DIY) is a completely self-paced course.  It takes 4 weeks step-by-step and you decide when to the start at a time to suit you.  There is no timeline or rush and you will adopt tools and lifestyle changes to last a lifetime.  


                Once you’ve purchased the program, you have access for life!   After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like – across all devices you own.  Even better – as course material develops and the latest science is updated, the program will be updated  and  you will be automatically added into EVERYTHING!  Even if the price increases in the future.




                Yes!  This program focuses  on incorporating real, whole foods into your diet!  You can choose whether to have the recipes dairy and gluten-free and there are also vegan and vegetarian options also.

                The Nutritional Eating plan consists of the Institute of Functionam Medicine’s Elimination Diet, which removes the top 7 food sensitivities: refined sugar, gluten, dairy, soy, corn, eggs and peanuts.

                The meal plans included for each week centre around real whole foods, nutrient dense veggies and quality sources of fat and protein in the recipes. The sample recipes do include animal protein but halfway through the Program you will be introducing more plant-based protein. No matter where you are at, the goal of The Equilibrium Approach is to empower EVERYONE to understand their specific and unique dietary requirements.


                Not all calories are created equal.  This approach is focused on introducing nutrient-rich foods and supplements and strenghtening the ‘freedom around food’ approach over calorie counting.

                Each recipe is accompanies ‘Nutrition per serving’ information code should you wish to track your macros.

                + IS THIS A WEIGHT LOSS PLAN?

                Please note IFM Elimination Diet included in this approach is not a weight-loss program.  Some clients however do experience an additional weight-loss benefits as a result of following the healthier eating options included in the plan that assist with healing the gut and effective detoxification.


                This Program is based on eating nutrient-dense foods and meals, therefore anyone will benefit from following this plan.  However you should always consult your Doctor before embarking any dietary or lifestyle changes.


                This isn’t your usual ‘I’m going on a diet’,  The Equilibrium Approach is more like a journey of self-discovery, whereby you will be led by the hand to improved wellness and as you start to feel better, day by day, you won’t want to stop!  However, life can sometimes get in the way!  All you have to do, is work on a new start date and start again when it suits you!  Good health will be waiting for you!

                + DO YOU OFFER REFUNDS?

                All the content is downloadable upon enrolment, once the course is purchased, it is yours to keep for life!