There are only a couple of dozen of essential nutrients that the body needs however there are many thousands of biochemical processes which are dependent on them.  The reason nutrient can prevent so many illnesses is because a deficiency of one can cause so many health problems.

Give your children the best nutrition available, including a good source of grass fed or plant based Nutritionvegetables for vitamins and minerals and healthy grains for energy and dietary fibre.  Try to buy organic nutrition where possible, a meal made up of one item foods, naturally colourful and naturally flavoured with health promoting herbs and spices.

Remember that it is not fat in the diet which is harmful but sugar, avoid as much as possible sugar, sweets in general and artificial sweeteners. It causes a spike in blood sugars and causes an increase in insulin production.  It is harmful to the intestines, pancreas and several other tissues.  With the prevalence of gluten sensitivity on the increase, be aware of healthier grains to eat and try and increase carbohydrate consumption through eating more fruits and vegetables rather than bread and pasta.

Also notice how your cooking methods can help or harm your food intake.  Unfortunately a lot of our food preparation including, chopping, cooking, baking, juicing etc. can actually reduce the nutritional value of food.  High heats can also damage or destroy some of the more heat sensitive nutrients and even those chargrilled flavours run the risk of adding carcinogens.  Learn to minimize the destruction of food during preparation, cook minimally and eating as raw as you can are great strategies for maintaining the nutritious content.  Watch the amount of fat introduced to food during frying and avoid the use of the microwave for all food and drinks as much as possible to reduce the risk of harmful energies and always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for standing times.

Extracted from Free eBook: 10 EASY Steps to Keep Your Kids Healthy