If you haven’t discovered the benefits of meditation for health and wellness, then you need to learn how to start your TODAY in the most wonderful way!  My favorite way in which I have been encouraging my friends and family is with the fabulous app Omvana for your iPhone,  I even get my kids to use it.  Omvana helps you to

Meditate – Focus – Relax – Sleep

Omvana is the Ultimate Meditation Experience and has been billed as the “Spotify” of meditation.  It is now the #1 meditation App in over 30 countries and when you sign up for FREE it also includes 25 free tracks to get you started.



“I have so much to accomplish today that I must meditate for two hours instead of one.”  Gandhi

There are literally thousands of studies now available which talk about the health benefits and the amazing thing about Omvana is it brings you 1000s of CUSTOMIZABLE meditations, relaxation audios and personal growth tracks all in one beautiful app. Sleep better,relax better and transform your life with exclusives audios from many of the world’s best health, wellness and meditation teachers.

Omvana allows YOU to mix and customize each meditation the way YOU like best.  Mix vocal tracks from famous speeches, inspirational books and guided meditations with a large collection of ambient sounds in the Omvana Mixer to create your own custom meditation blends.

I love the fact that you just have to plug in a set of headphones and go, but it gets better.  By letting you create and record your own meditations, Omvana puts you in the driver seat of your own growth.   I have recorded and saved my own meditations where I have recroded my daily mantras and then to keep the fresh and varied I then mix with the tracks in the library from a choice of relaxing backgrounds sounds such as rain, tibetan bowls, relaxing music and binaural beats.

My Top Omvana Tracks to listen to:

Envisioning Method – Vishen Lakhiani which is lovely mixed with Empowerment by Mark Romero

There is a beautiful infographic to explain the six phases of this meditation

With kind courtesy from to http://mindvalleyacademy.com with this graphic.

12 Steps to Thrive

If you would like to find out more go to www.omvana.com or contact Kshitij at support@omvana.com