Physical ActivityThere are many health benefits of physical activity and not just in the form of exercise for children.

Being outdoors, running around and just playing provides kids with plenty of fresh air, a natural dose of Vitamin D as well as keeping the circulation moving and increasing aerobic fitness levels.

Technologies and screen viewing such as TV, PlayStation, Xbox, IPad, computers has increased sedentary activity and decreased physical activity in our modern day lifestyles.  Some of these activities are also solitary and can also allow our children to retreat or withdraw from social interactions and reduce involvement in more stimulating activities.

Our school curriculums’ are good at ensuring enough time in the timetable for both physical education and outdoor play.   However add an extra boost of activity by walking to school rather than going by car.

Plan to have some fun physical activities to enjoy at the weekend such as cycling, swimming or a walk to the park will all help keep the kids healthy and active.

Extracted from Free eBook: 10 EASY Steps to Keep Your Kids Healthy