Comprehensive Health Consultation




Recommended for health challenges more than 6 months duration and/or painful symptoms

  • Full Health History by questionnaire completed in advance,
  • A comprehensive analysis (Major organs/systems)
  • Environmental sensitivities (Chemical, microbial, EMF, heavy metals)
  • Metabolic-digestive profile
  • Microbial profile (SIBO, Dysbiosis)
  • Neurotransmitter & hormonal profile
  • Food sensitivity Testing (125 panel)
  • Nutritional deficiency & maintenance
  • Client supplied products for either existing medications/supplements/foods or pet dander (20 items)
  • Treatment plan & energetic remedy included

In addition to Essentials

  • NAET Allergy Panel (800 panel)
  • Pathogens Profile
  • Immunotherapy/Isotherapy from client samples
  • SCENAR treatment (in person) or SKYPE/TELE feedback (for remote screening)


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