Dr Klinghardt Approved Biological Lyme Protocol



Dr Dietrich Klinghardt discussed his latest treatment protocols for Lyme disease on the Chronic Lyme Disease Summit 2 which broadcast June 19-26, 2017 and at Autism Solutions, Feb 2018.

1. The Living Matrix & Timeline Case Review

This serves several purposes. It enables me to understand more about the treatment program you require.   It also provides an opportunity for us to get to know each other and determine if my approach is a good fit for you.  The Living Matrix & TimelineCase Review includes:

  • A thorough review of your Living Matrix and Timeline history (A detailed health and medical history questionnaire)
  • A survey of your chief complaints and most important health goals
  • An assessment of your most troubling and frequently experienced symptoms
  • A diet survey and questionnaire
  • A survey of your current supplements and medications

2. ASYRA Health Screening

Once we’ve received your completed Case Review paperwork, you will move on to Step 2: the ASYRA Health Screening & Consultation.  This is a remote service completed via Hair, Saliva and Urine samples, (not in person due to the amount of screening work),  whereby I follow the Functional medicine 5R approach using ASYRA pro bio-resonance health screening equipment and the consultation includes:

  • A comprehensive ASYRA health screening
    • Analysis (Major organs/systems)
    • Environmental sensitivities (Chemical, microbial, EMF, heavy metals)
    • Metabolic-digestive profile
    • Microbial profile (SIBO, Dysbiosis)
    • Neurotransmitter & hormonal profile
    • Food sensitivity Testing (125 panel)
    • Nutritional deficiency & maintenance
    • Client supplied products for either existing medications/supplements/foods or pet dander (20 items)
    • NAET Allergy Panel (800 panel)
    • Pathogens Profile
    • Stephan Provencher Lyme Protocol
    • Lee Cowden Products screening
    • Dr Dietrich Klinghardt Lyme Protocols screening
    • Immunotherapy/Isotherapy from client samples
  • Treatment plan
  • ASYRA energetic remedy
  • Iso-Immunotherapy remedy
  • Review of existing nutritional, herbal etc supplements
  • 30 min SKYPE/TELE feedback/Q&A

If there is a requirement for any additional products such as nutraceuticals, herbals, homeopathic etc, then these will be discussed and are charged in addition.



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