Sleep is vital for life, it is when the body rests, recuperates and even repairs itself.   On waking we should feel refreshed, restored and ready to start the day.  We all have a minimum sleep requirement and natural biorhythms for the best time to fall asleep and wake up.

Children need to be able to sleep well to be able to learn and grow, this means they should be able to fall asleep, stay asleep and wake up naturally feeling refreshed.  To support this always provide a healthy sleeping environment for your child.  A healthy bed and clean bed covers of natural rather than synthetic fibres.  Facing north or east can help.  A dark room is important for the production of the sleep hormone (melatonin), or use a special night light.  Children also benefit from a wind down time, a relaxing bath with Epsom salts or natural aromatherapy oils such as Lavender.  The bedroom environment should be quiet and peaceful, eliminating electromagnetic stimuli and exposure such as TV, Wi-Fi, IPod, IPad or computers & audio equipment and don’t use mobile phones as an alarm clock.

Extracted from Free eBook: 10 EASY Steps to Keep Your Kids Healthy