Start With a Free Initial Consultation

This will take place over Zoom, I will ask you to share a brief  history, your currently health or wellness challenges and goals for the future, and then I will help you understand the different services I offer and how they be beneficial for you and we will agree the nex steps forward.


30 mins

Are you stuck? Have you plateaued? or would you like some support to review where you are currently with your health journey or progress, or just need a little bit of extra support?  Where ever you are, Then these bitesize Telehealth Zoom sessions are here to help.

Review your MSQ

Identify the next steps for you to take and point you in the direction of the best functional medicine resources to support you on your journey.


Follow Up Appointments

Have you had a previous consultation or completed one of our packages and would like to continue with an ad hoc appointment as needed?

£180/session (60 mins)


£270/session (90 mins)

Equilibrium In Person (Hatherley Clinic)