Flexible Services During Covid-19 Social Distancing

Equilibrium is offering remote care via telehealth consultations  or video consults due to the recommended social distancing where clients are not able to attend in person.
As of 1st September 2020 we are also offering COVID-19 safe in-person appointments which can include SCENAR therapy.

Not sure which service is right for you?

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Living Matrix Timeline & Matrix

A personalized approach that , acknowledges that  you have to dive into the past to  identify the root cause(s) rather than just putting band-aids on symptoms.

Full Supplement Protocol

The right products from a range of therapeutic strenth neutraceutacals, herbals, homepathic modalities.

ASYRA Health Screening

Concerned about the e cost of biomedical testing yet still need a functional approach?  ASYRA is Live, real-time energetic health screening, no waiting for results

ASYRA Energetic Remedy

A balancing informational remedy to support the body’s healing journey.

Institute of Functional Medicine Toolkit of Resources

Using the gold standard evidence-based approach for your healing journey by accessing the IFM Toolkit of resouces to support you healing journey.

Lifestyle Prescriptions Report

All your healing information put together in a full report with all the tools and resources required.

The Following Services can also Booked

Health Coaching

A positive support to keep you motivated on track to achieving your health goals.

Rapid Transformational Therapy

For those with emotional blockages or self-limiting beliefs preventing them achieving their optimal health and vitality.

SCENAR Pain Relief

A pain-free, drug-free approach for pain management.