New Client Information

Should you wish to consider my health screening services, then please read the following information:

To familiarize yourself with how I work with clients, using the functional medicine 5R approach and ASYRA bio-resonance equipment for energetic health screening, please read this article on The Functional Medicine 5R approach to Digestive Health and this video also explains moremore on how i work.

Working with Me (Kirsty Terry)

I am a registered Nutritionist and Bioresonance practitioner trained in the functional medicine approach and practice this methodology in conjunction with bio-resonance health screening and Rapid Transformational Therapy™ (RTT™).  This approach with clients differs considerably from the conventional medical model you may be accustomed to and does not exclude it, rather it is complementary and maintaining your relationship with you family GP practitioner is critical.

Initial Consultation

Initial consultations can either take place face-to-face, or if via Zoom or SKYPE.  You will be asked to complete a health questionnaire specifically designed by the IFM, which will be analysed during the consultation.  The ASYRA health screening will help to confirm the current priorities for you healing journey, and help to inform the initial roadmap of the Nutrition & Lifestyle Recommendations, supported by a physical supplement plan where required.

As a new client, your Initial consultation:

  1. The Health Questionnaire & Timeline Case Review
  2. ASYRA Bioresonance Health Screening
  3. Recommended Nutrition & Lifestyle Prescription

1. The Health Questionnaire & Timeline Case Review

This serves several purposes. It enables me to understand your health history and identify the ‘red flags’ which may require further investigation and a Nutrition or Lifestyle  intervention.

  • A thorough review of your detailed health and medical history questionnaire
  • A survey of your chief complaints and most important health goals
  • An assessment of your most troubling and frequently experienced symptoms
  • A diet survey and questionnaire
  • A survey of your current supplements and medications

2. ASYRA Health Screening

Once we’ve received your completed Case Review paperwork, you will move on to Step 2: the ASYRA Health Screening & Consultation.  This is a remote service completed via Photograph and a Hair sample, I may also ask for Saliva and Urine samples in more complex cases.   The ASYRA bioresonance protocols used during the consultation include:

  • A comprehensive ASYRA health screening
    • Analysis (Major organs/systems)
    • Environmental sensitivities (Chemical, microbial, EMF, heavy metals)
    • Metabolic-digestive profile
    • Microbial profile (SIBO, Dysbiosis)
    • Neurotransmitter & hormonal profile
    • Food sensitivity Testing (125 panel)
    • Nutritional deficiency & maintenance
    • Client supplied products for either existing medications/supplements/foods or pet dander (20 items)
    • NAET Allergy Panel (800 panel)
    • Pathogens Profile
    • Additional practitioner specific screening protocols may also be added depending on the Health questionnaire
  • ASYRA energetic remedy

3.  Nutrition & Lifestyle Prescription

If there is a requirement for any additional products such as nutraceuticals, herbals, homeopathic etc, then these will be discussed and are charged in addition.3.  Nutrition & Lifestyle Prescription

4.  Requirements in advance of screening

To complete the health screening I ask for the attached Health Questionnaire to be completed, please send your completed form to with you hair sample and photograph.

To book the Health Screening

Schedule Initial Consultation

Follow up Consultation (4-6 weeks after Initial Consultation)

Follow up consultations can either take place face-to-face, or if via Zoom or SKYPE.  You will be asked to complete a SOAP questionnaire at the time of booking.  During the ASYRA health screening, we will revisit the entries from the previous consultation and re-run the recommended screening protocols.  The nutrition & Lifestyle recommendations with be updated as well as the physical supplement plan.

Schedule Follow Up Consultation
I hope the above is useful and please do not hesitate to contact me if I can address any further questions you have.

I look forward to working with you!

In best health,

Kirsty Terry

Kirsty Terry